• 2 weeks ago

I do feel guilt but apparently not enough to stop. I again made sure that my mom got a double dose of her sleep aid last night. My mom is a 36 year old sexy MILF with a petite, smaller B-Cup, 5’4″ body with narrow curvy hips and a nicely shaped ass. Her belly is flat, her past the shoulder light brown hair and model worthy face and slender figure are a 9 out of 10. I am 16 and have lusted after her since I learned to rub off and liked girls. Spying on her and lots of seemingly innocent touching.
As far as I know she hasn’t been with anyone for at least 5 or 6 years. It was a year and 4 months ago when I noticed how knocked out she got with one of her pills and a glass or two of wine. I was 15 and tried for the first time slipping her one pill and either getting it for her or seeing her take the one prescribed. She went out on the couch, and I mean out.
I was nervous as hell but kept a careful eye on her. I was naturally well built at 6’2″ and had no problem carrying her to her bed. After that first time kissing her, feeling her up, and sucking on her awesome breasts I have used the sneaky, very wrong way to knock her out and take advantage of her lovely body; 2 and sometimes 3 times a month for over a year and a half. She doesn’t take them very often. The first time I had sex with her she was mostly undressed and in her bed already. Her pussy was just as nice or better than the girls I’ve been with. She tasted so good. She kept her vulva trim and had a small strip on her mound. She was very snug and tight on my cock. She had been fixed after a miscarriage 7 years ago so I didn’t hesitate to cum inside her. Dad got some lady pregnant and split our family up. I am careful to clean her up very well after I’m finished with her and she has never mentioned anything out of the ordinary to me. I use a towel underneath her. She has strong orgasms while she is knocked out. I have lots of in action pictures and video of her and the hundreds of times I have used her. I have never done more anal to her than a finger or two since I have a pretty big cock and she might feel extra funny in the morning.