• 2 weeks ago

Gladys from grade 8 drama class… i’m sorry that i dropped the book on your foot and never apologized! thing was that i didn’t know i did it until after our group performance the other girl said it was pretty good except when i dropped it on you then you were right behind me but i was too nervous to apologize because it’s so awkward doing it that much later when we were already well seated and i didn’t know i did it. i’m sorry!! and not sure if i spelled your name right. anyways, this is from the person you said reminded you of that fish girl in Pitch Perfect (i was also in same art class). but i’m sorry that i dropped it on you and you probably thought i was the biggest asshole for not apologizing and you were so nice not to tell me which was understandable because you don’t just go “hey, you hurt me up there” to a stranger. i’m sorry you held that back :((