• 2 weeks ago

This is a confession that haunts me daily. About 2 years ago I had 2 of my friends over to play cards and drink my wife went out with some gf for dinner and drinks. About 11 the doorbell rang and it was her gf practically carrying her to the house. I thanked them and one of my buddies helped me get her to bed. We just layed her on the bed and left her. I went in about 30 min later to check and she had gotten up and stripped her cloths off and was passed out on her side naked. I went bacck and told my buddies and had a big laugh. After a while I said I will let you look if you dont tell anyone and they agreed. We went in and I shook her really hard and she was out. They came in and started telling me how fucking lucky I was to have someone that sexy. They kept telling me how sexy she was and i was getting turned on. I said if you guys promise to keep yopur mouth shut sshe is on birth control. The promised never to tell. The first one stripped off and got behind her and fucked her from behind. He cum in her and the next one fucked her frombehind. after they were done I told them they better leave and again they promised they would never tell anyone. I went in and fuccked her from behind after shaking her agaiin. It was very sloppy but I was so fucking turned on. AS soon as I cum my guilt kicked in and I worried that they would tell someone or disrespect my wife in someway. She remembered nothing. I found out later not only were they drinking but they had given her Zanex. She dosent remember anything. I worry constantly they will tell someone and get back to my wife and she will divorce me. I wish I could change what I did to her. This guilt is killing me and I no longer associate with the 2 guys. Please forgive me.