• 2 weeks ago

I met this girl on discord, an armpit discord of all things. She dmed me with a simple “Hi”, I thought it was just some dude trying to fuck with people, so i just spammed them with an image of a daedon and told them they weren’t very convincing. She kept insisting she was a real person and i just kinda forgot about it. One day i’m scrolling through my dms and see they still have the same name, different pfp at least. I message to see why they dmed me all the way back then in the first place. She said she was bored, but i didnt buy it. We started talking and she kept dming me for no good reason,which was pretty confusing, but hey she wasn’t all that boring right? and we kept this up for a month or so, just casual shit, talking about fetishes and all that good stuff, we would voice call sometimes too, she had a nice voice and she was from france, had a cool name too. I get to find out she’s abused by her parents and has pretty severe depression and she cuts,has no irl friends to speak of. me, having one of those retarded rejection fetishes decide to ask if she wants to be my gf,after all, there’s no scenario i don’t end up winning since it’s someone i didn’t know or really care about, and it’d be hot if she said no and i’d have an egirl gf if she said yes. She says no, because she’s aromantic for some reason

bla bla bla too long anyways i manipulated her into sending me a picture of her cut by saying she was just attention seeking whore because no one really loves her and then i came on it and sent it to her :3333

guess i feel bad or something and needed to get it out? idk lol