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Perry Kalynuk was an asshole. No loved lost.

Is it a good idea to get the employee that you fired to help the replacement?
I fired this teacher without any warning just before Xmas. Now it’s the New Year and the brand new teacher is stumped on what to do with the kids.

I’ve already told the replacement teacher that she can email the fired teacher for help and I gave the replacement the fired teacher’s email.

Do you think the fired teacher is going to help the replacement teacher out of the kindness of her heart?

Do you think it’s a good idea to get a fired person to help a replacement? Or is it better to get someone who is a paid employee of the workplace to do that?

Is it a good idea to get the employee that you fired to help the replacement?
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9 years ago
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That’s pretty arrogant. It is not alright.


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9 years ago
So you like stabbing people in the back when they are already walking out the door, huh?


That’s a slap in the face, isn’t it?

Here’s how the scenario would go:

You: Hey, I fired you, but I really need you to come back to train your replacement. Without pay, of course.

Fired teacher: Let me pull down my pants so you can kiss my left butt cheek. And then my right.

(Well, that’s what I would do if I was in the fired teacher’s shoes.)

Your audacity is breathtaking. Sorry, but it’s looking like the fired teacher is better off not working for you anymore if this is what you think is perfectly acceptable to do to someone you hurt. I mean, just before Christmas?? Glad I don’t know you – if that’s what you do to your employees I’d hate to see what you do to your friends.

Source(s): I don’t need points for “best answer” – the points are meaningless with no rewards. How about you try putting yourself in the fired teacher’s shoes and think how YOU would feel if a former boss who fired you called YOU back to train your replacement? And then train the replacement, uhm, yourself??

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9 years ago
Shes right, your arrogant and ignorant to the world around you.

She has been fired by you for no reason, right at the time that kids and family are expecting presents and a big Christmas dinner,

Its your fault you’ve hired a rubbish teacher and I dont know why you think that the poor lady that you fired would help your school, even more you said that she can before asking the old teachers permission, we’re short of money for gods sake, its your fault you hired a teacher that doesnt know what she doing

You make me sick