• 4 days ago

i know what love it, falling in love with a woman, as I fell in love with a woman, but the woman was not my wife. I met a woman after being married 25 years, and I fell in love with her. It was not the same as with my wife, we got along, but it was not until I met this other woman that I realized what true love was. Yes, I fell in love with her and it was an emotion that enveloped me totally like I never felt in all my life. We continued with sexual activity over a period of about 2 years. She lived in another city where I would travel for business and we would meet regular. Then I realized I had to make a decision. She knew I was married and understood when I said I could not leave my wife for the sake of our children and I would break her heart. She understood, and I went back to my wife and never saw her again. I cannot get the relationship back as in the past with my wife, as I now know what true love is of a man for a woman, and to want to dedicate all your being to her, to give your life and soul to her, give my heart to her. I feel bad, but I know true love. I feel guilty for the infidelity, but I did my best and my wife never found out. If I did not leave her when I did my wife would have found out and destroyed our family, and I would feel bad, and it would not have been worth it. God please forgive me for what I did and it was hard for me to leave the woman I loved, but I had to go back to my wife and children. I told her, “I think I am in love with you.” She said, “Don’t be stupid, you have a wife.” I said “I have fallen in love with you.” She said it was enough to just have an affair, and so it was best to end here, and she was 10 years my senior and so it did not affect her much emotionally. God forgive me, but I wish I could fall in love my wife as I did her. It was beyond anything I ever felt for a person all my life. Anyway, enough. We are still happily married.