• 4 days ago

Hail God Cock and the sharing of the richness and texture, the hardness, the attention Cock demands of us as we fall deeper under its spell that we gladly choose to be under. To suck and swallow the creamy nectar. To fuck and be fucked in the holy trinity of Cock, Balls, and Ass. We bow down to Phallus that rises every morning, never fails to pleasure us in orgasmic eruptions that we wish our mouths were there to not miss a drop.

To fill us with a desire that is never satisfied but continues in the beauty that Cock beholds. Stay in Lust, Brother. Be a cock. Be proud, hard, firm and strong, desirable that become what people want. That’s what happens when we focus on Cock. We get lost in ourselves and all we see is the beast between the legs of man. With fullness that is never waiving. Giving and demanding at the same time. Appreciative and rewarding with the blessed nectar and amber waters that flow from the holy spicket. Hail Priapus in our never ending praise of the Cock that slides into the waiting ass giving pain and Pleasure in his holy name. Amen!!