• 6 months ago

Last weekend I nearly fell into temptation by masturbating over random movie sex scenes. One of the scene I get aroused on is scenes where actresses and actors strip down to their underwear, and I find that most odd that a grown guy gets an erection from seeing someone strip down. Possibly the reason behind this is because I always felt that clothes were a prison to the individual embracing their own body. Saturday night I striped down my clothes and walked around the apartment building naked while doing aerobic stretches and having a glass of milk. I returned to my PC and started making sex scenes from spliced movies and adding background music to give it a exciting feeling. After nearly two attempts and spending an entire Sunday jerking on and off I decided to stop what I was doing because I found that this was not productive nor was it healthy for me. As of today, I decided to keep a lid on my sexuality until I can find a way to properly express it, but until then I will stand by living a clean slate.