• 7 days ago

hello, i am a 14 year old girl who used an app called discord to get new firends.. i am very ugly and my hair is a birdnest. so i first faked to be another girl, i still used my voice, personality and everything, i just had a different back story and name, then one day i came across a server where a very nice guy wanted to roleplay with me.. we did a bit erotic gay roleplay and i thought he knew i was a girl.. but then he asked if i were top or switch so i freaked and said i was a bi switch mostly top.. we became friends and i became friends with his.. all of them were 13-15 so i shouldn’t worry… except i’ve told him i was soon 17… one of the girls started crushing on the boy i built up and then another girl … i had decided to ”date” the first girl who had a crush on me but we didn’t tell anyone about it… then a relationship between me and the other girl bult up and then the boy i was talking to also had a crush on ”me” and i started dating all of them.. i really don’t know how it happened but they’re all in the same server and when i knew that i couldn’t fix this i decided to ignore them.. it lasted maybe an hour but they all wanted to talk with me… i left the chat and told one of them i was eating dinner since it’s time difference… now i don’t know what to do and i’m totally panicking because i like all three of them but neither know i’m no hot bi boy with pastel rainbow hair and cute round glasses… i rgret even talking to the boy in the first place and i wish i could undo these past weeks…

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