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And a truth that I don’t feel toooo guilty about, only a little. 10 years ago when I was 17 it was just me, my mom, and one or another of the girls I dated that mom liked. Dad had been gone long enough that I had no idea what he looked like. Mom worked constantly, and I had a part time job at a hardware store. Mom said my job was to do good in school. We were doing fine. Once, maybe twice a month she went out with the girls. I had never seen her date. She stumbled in especially drunk one morning with Aunt Beth who wasn’t my aunt but like mom’s sister they were that close. I was headed to bed long after they went to her room and sleep it off. With the sounds I heard I had to see. Yea, all of a sudden my dick needed to be let loose and used. My mom and Beth were going to town in the 69 position and they both had one of those vibrating eggs inside their fuzzy slits. They were both attractive under 40 women and I just stripped naked. Yes I was a little drunk and buzzed on weed. I wasn’t tired any more that’s for sure. Mom had caught me once slamming into a girl and commented later that I had an impressive dick but to not let her catch me like that again. I stepped right up to the bed, pulled the toy from my mom’s literally dripping pussy and ran my cock all the way into the hotness of her sex. Aunt Beth’s eyes went shockingly huge. She was on the bottom looking up. I heard my mom yell and I fucked her good. She came all over Beth’s face and I came inside her, adding to the mess on her face. Mom rolled to the side,I pulled the pink egg from Aunt Beth’s pussy, moved her around, put her long legs over my arms and fucked her for a longer time since it was my second come and she was screaming in pleasure rubbing her clit. I came again and went to bed leaving them to sleep. We still fuck sometimes but not often. They like their lesbian sex.

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