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When I was very, very young my dad would take me to this little local coffee shop. They had a nice sitting area next to a fire place with several books and I would like to go and sit in one of the giant reclining chairs and look at this atlas book that was over there. The way it was set up was there were six recliners all forming an arch around the fire place.
There was this man who would always be in the chair next to the one I liked to sit in. Our chairs were separated by a small glass table that had various books and magazines. This table was the one that had my favorite book on it. This man would always talk to me. He seemed nice. He was pretty old from what I remember because I remember him having white hair.
Anyway eventually I guess my dad got an odd feeling from him because one day he started asking me what we would talk about and told me to stay over there. I had to sit over with my dad at the table across from the counter from then on.
Well one day, I guess I had also gotten a bad feeling from him when I saw him trying to coax a little boy around my age at the time to come out to his truck with him. I immediately started making a fuss and telling the little boy to not go with him and to tell me who his mom was so I could tell on him. His mom then told me that the man was actually the little boy’s grandad. But she thanked me anyway. However, the man always looked at me like he was disgusted with me. But whatever, he was a grown adult who was offended by a child.
But anyway, that whole story really isn’t the confession. The confession is that every single time I look back on that memory, I imagine myself as a little boy who that man coaxes into the men’s bathroom (which were one roomed bathrooms), and roughly has his way with my tight little boy asshole. He would be holding me with his giant hands, which both are so big that they almost wrap all the way around me, and my arms and legs are hanging down over the toilet as he uses me as his little boy fleshlight. He would then sneak out with me into his big 4×4 truck and take me home where him and several other men would take turns with me. And we would go on the run while they would have their way with me everyday, and they would never be caught, and I would be used for years.
I wish now that I was born a boy (yes I’m trans) and I had the knowledge to go with the strange man offering me candy. So that he could use me and fuck me all he likes. I wish I was a little boy right now so I could be kidnapped and fucked.
God I’m so turned on right now. Go I wish I wasn’t like this.

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