• 1 week ago

So when I was 12, I had these two 3 year old female neighbors that liked to hangout with me, but we were in our separate backyards. One day I’m in my backyard and I see them in theirs, I go up to them and I look around both our yards to see if anyone was there and then when there wasn’t. I asked them if they wanted me to make them feel good. They said yes so I reach my hand over their fence, I put my hands in each of the down of their pants and I begin to finger them from the back, I only do it for a few minutes but they tell me that it felt good. I should be lucky that we were in our own backyards because I also originally wanted to: eat them out and I was trying to do that by having them sit on the cinder block fence telling them I won’t let them fall, if I had gone over their fence, I would’ve eaten them out, try to get a bj from them, but I wouldn’t have sex with them because that was pushing it. It’s honestly probably the worse thing I’ve ever done and even though I was a child who was experimenting and didn’t hurt anyone, and I never performed sexual acts on minors after that and I’ve learned to finally forgive myself for it.

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