• 6 months ago

I was in a serious relationship for 5 years(2015-2020). 3 years ago we had some fight,not physically so I was angry and out of nowhere i made a tinder account and and wrote in my bio ‘intrested in one night stand’ Nothing happened nor i cheated on her and then i forget that i had a tinder account. Days went by, our relationship grew stronger. We both were happy until today 26th march,2020 when my girlfriend’s sister found i had a tinder account. She took the screenshot and showed it to my girlfriend. She called me and asked why did i wrote that thing.I was speechless and had no answers, because even i don’t know why i did that. I had no answers for her and yeah she broke up with me. I am confessing here so I won’t lie, i was loyal to her,i never ever cheated her but just because of my silly mistake i lose her today. I know its my mistake but she won’t understand because i had no reason that why i did that. I can’t do anything now. I really loved her a lot. But she left me all alone☹️.
The only depressing feeling i will always have is i never cheated her but she broke up.
Thanks for reading. Have a nice day

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