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I feel like such a pervert. I am a black man and even though I am 60 plus years old, I still have a high sex drive. I started playing with my dick when I was12, not knowing what would happen if I kept stroking the bear. Oh my God, when my orgasm hit and cum oozed and dripped out of my dick I almost fainted. I was hooked. I jerked off so much I would cause skin abrasions on my dick. Soon after, I began to develop fetishes. One was stocking tops and garter straps. I became obsessed over peeking up white womens dresses. God, I would get a hardon seeing those stocking tops and stocking straps contrasted against white thighs. I must have deposited gallons of cum on my cumrags over the years when I would lay awake at night. I discovered that my nipples are so sensitive to tickling. I can cum just by teasing them. Just as a side note, my wife gets me to cum jerking me off with one hand while tickling my nipples with the fingers of her other hand. I must say in closing that I love looking at women’s asses. I have many websites I go to that feature women with big round asses. I drool as I stare at big butted women either standing, bent over or kneeling and bent over. I love it when they look back at the camera while pulling their buttcheeks apart showing wet open pussies or winking assholes. I do not care about the color of the butt, however I really like big black shiny buttcheeks. So here you have it. I know these fetishes will be jerk off material for me into my 70s and 80s. I told you all that I am a hopeless pervert.

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  • I am at it again! Teasing my nipples and squeezing my thighs around my dick. I do it early in the morning for a couple of hours staring at porn vids and sex stories. I am so horny! Am a black guy wbo is married to a lovely woman. My fantasies sometimes involve getting between the thighs of a white woman and fucking her senseless. My orgasm when it cums would make me scream. I have no plans to cheat. but in a perfect world I would love to fuck a white woman with big tits and a big wobbly ass.

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