• 8 months ago

Twenty years ago and more I worked in a chemist shop in England as a porter/ stock keeper. It was long before the days of digital photos and smart phones and so people brought in rolls of film to be developed. To cut the story a bit short – and move on to the interesting bit – I used to look at the pictures when they came back. I worked out a routine that let me see nearly all the pictures and oh boy did I see some interesting stuff.
What did I see ? Well for a start, babies, hundred and hundreds of bloody babies that all look the same. Then of course there were vases of flowers, hundreds of them and the one that always made me laugh was pictures of the sea, like just the sea and the sky that could of been taken anywhere.
But then of course I saw a lot that were much more interesting, okay let’s get one thing straight I never saw anything that was hard porn but some good stuff all the same.
Lots of pictures of girls in bikinis and swimsuits, a few of girls in underwear and quite a lot of nudes. It was a small town and sometimes I recognised the people which was always an added bonus.
I remember one set that were taken at a party that was all girls and most of them were either naked or half dressed just standing around drinking wine.
Then there was a set that was a growl of girls on holiday in Spain or somewhere, there was pics of them on the beach and eating ice creams and then a few that were obviously taken when they got drunk and things got a bit out of hand, like a good shot of one girl on the toilet! They had obviously opened the door on her and snapped it and the best bit is I know her, still see her regular in the newsagents.
Probably the very best was some lovely pictures of a girl who worked in my bank laying face down on a bed total nude, she had a fabulous arse. Still see her sometimes but of course she is twenty years older now and has kids of her own.
It was so easy to do that I would guess many guys up and down the country did the same everyday, not anymore though, damn digital phones have spoiled all the fun – happy days.

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