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When I was 19-21, I worked as a cam model with a partner, much older male (40s) who would wear a mask while we played and who I would address as Sir or Master. In reality, this man was actually my stepfather. While my mother was out of town for business trips, I would come over and he would use me on cam on front of strangers. And he was a SADISTIC old man. He would spank my ass red or tie me up and flog my tits, tie his belt around my neck while skullfucking my face, make me lick his ass or finger my own, bend me over and fuck me hard without a condom, etc. Usually he finished by cumming on my tits or face.
After the shows, he would drag me to the bedroom and tie me to my mother’s bed, where he would abuse me before fucking me further. Again no condom. And he would talk about how much tighter and hotter I was than my mother, how he was happy I was willing to do all the things my mother wouldn’t, how he had been saving his load all week just to dump it in my cunt. And he would record us fucking in my mother’s bed, every time.

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