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I have been in an on & off relationship with my long term boyfriend for the last 6 years. He doesnt really love me tho, and I know that all too well but I am stuck with the idea that I can’t find anyone who is willing to accept me because my country doesnt really like non virgin women. And because my boyfriend is the one who took my virginity, I’ve been made to believe that I’m stuck with him forever.

But recently, I met someone. He’s okay. My boyfriend is cuter than him but he’s a lot funnier and relatable. And we hit it off to sex. (Yes, I cheated.) And he’s really great! He made me cum four times and he cummed inside me. He keeps telling me to break up with my boyfriend fully and just fuck him everyday.

I really like it when someone says “you’re mine now” and he keeps telling me that the whole day we’re together.

I think I have a problem. I have fallen inlove with him faster than a bullet. And now I cant stop thinking about him 🙁

As for my boyfriend, I tried asking him if he had the time to talk to me. But as the usual routine, he’d rather talk with his co workers in his free time than talk to me.

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