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I hate my dad he doesn’t admit it but he has fucking serious anger issues when i was a kid he would always think my mom was cheating on him because of her past but one time he said that when im an adult I’ll understand that my mom did cheat and that sooner or later he’ll catch her i was so fucking angry and I responded that until i die unless you actually catch her which would only happen in your dreams ill never change my mind i know that she’s not a cheater. He said to not say that so I repeated it and wanted a punching bag so bad and he exaggerated a lot about things and got mad about anything me or my mom did he never harmed me or my mom btw he would always cry and say ill miss u so much and he asked me if id cry if he died when he deployed tbh i was thinking no I wouldn’t cry but i said that i would i hate him until this day he was so rude to me and my mom i used to stick up for my mom bc i knew who was right and i used to always get involved in their arguments and hed always snatch her glasses off her face violently and i would get so fucking angry and thats why i hate my dad so much.

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