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When I was 14 I committed 4 acts of bestiality. I’m a female and two times I let my dog lick me down there, 1 time I let her lick my boobs and then my belly button while I masturbated. I was a very freaky kid, but surprisingly, I had only started masturbating 5 months prior to the first engagement. I didn’t even know sex with animals was a thing ((or that it was illegal)) until after I had already done it…I feel extremely horrible for what I did and I literally just want to die. I’ll never ever do anything like that again, trust me. The guilt I feel is too much, if I did it again I know i’d kill myself. I’m already considering it now. ((Also I’m Christian so it just makes me feel even worse. Another thing, my dog wasn’t harmed physically or mentally. She treats everyone the same and doesn’t even try to lick anyone inappropriately.))

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