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I’ve done something terrible. I’ve cheated on my husband. Although now-a days this is something light, this is something heavy on my soul. This is something that… well, is terrible. I won’t say much, but if you need an explanation… I was with friends… friends I thought I was safe with, as for years and years I had been. However that night, I remember taking a shot of horrible pineapple vodka in the small kitchen (after drinking for part of most the day) … the next thing I remember was a dark bedroom, blinds drawn infront of me and he was behind me. (He, not my husband) I’d went in and out that same way thrice.. then… I woke up, with none of my own clothes, barefoot, asking “where are my keys?” I hold no pity toward myself… but as I know this statement will upset any and all… I do love my husband, with everything I am. But I can’t stand myself… nor can I stand those specific friends. I know I’m nothing more than trash… however I’m truly asking for insight as well as past experience from anyone. I’ve … Ive never been in this scenario before, I apologize for anyone who’s been in this spot, because I’ve said terrible things about you… and here I stand… hypocrisy and shame.
I wish peace on your broken hearts and the strongest thread to keep your hearts on your sleaves.
A dirty, lousy, whore.

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  • First of all you need to get an STD test. Even if you used a condom. They do not protect against many STDs.

    Anonymous March 24, 2019 8:04 pm Reply

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