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There’s a girl I know from high school. Beautiful and smart and would steal any guy that I was even slightly interested in. Needless to say I was intensely jealous. That was until a couple years ago.

She got into a car accident out on the freeway. She survived but lost one leg, both arms and her head was partially crushed and now looks like a squashed pumpkin. She just lays there and drools now. She has basically been turned into a coat hanger.

So that cured my jealousy issue. But I feel bad about improving myself at her misfortune. I must just be a terrible person i don’t even know. And life is seriously fucked up sometimes.

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  • That’s normal. This might sound crude and a bit obvious but jealousy tends to disappear when there’s nothing to be jealous of anymore. And that is a minor victory in itself. It’s not that you’re glad she’s paralyzed and a vegetable, otherwise you wouldn’t feel guilty. The lizard part of your brain is glad there isn’t any competition anymore.

    Anonymous March 14, 2019 2:05 am Reply

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