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I’m over it now but I dated one of my teachers, 15 years older than me. Now I graduated and I can just forget about this asshole for good, thank god, but I’m seeing stuff on social media and I have a feeling he’s repeating the same process with an underclass woman of mine. I’m scared she might suffer the same way I did, be manipulated by him and broken. I don’t know how to tell her about it, because it would also reveal that we dated for a while. I just hope I’m wrong and she’s not falling for the same bullshit I did.

I wish I didn’t date him, I wish I didn’t fall for this coward, I wish I could erase all of this and concentrate on the present, on my new lover who has dark secrets like me, who understands me and who I understand. I wish it didn’t all sound like those stupid soap operas because people might not believe it.

But in a way I should be thankful that it all sounds like those stupid rom coms, which I hate, because it allows me to dissociate from all of this and laugh about it rather than suffer from it. I can concentrate on what’s real, and now, and not what used to be.

Before telling you this I used to feel ashamed, angry, sad, and remorseful. This confession helps me feel better about it all. Writing it out, it does feel like telling a tall tale… But I can finally let go, just like this relationship was like a bad lie that shouldn’t have been told in the first place.

And I’m sorry if it’s lengthy and wordy but it honestly really helps.

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  • I’m sorry that happened to you. You don’t have to blame yourself for any of it. You weren’t stupid, he was older than you and had power over you. I understand how it feels to blame yourself for what happened as a child. I’m not ready to open about what happened to me but every day I wish I did something to stop it. I feel guilty for being vulnerable but I’m starting to realize that it wasn’t my fault a predator sought me out. It wasn’t yours either. It sounds like you are doing great now, which makes me happy to hear. It might make you feel less worried about if he’s hurting someone else if you anonymously report him to the school and to the district. You could use a library computer to make a new email address and send the explanation to multiple people so they have to address the issue and cannot find out who sent it.

    Anonymous February 12, 2019 9:50 pm Reply

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