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I just turned 18 yr old male finishing my senior year in high school. My parents got divorced last fall. I moved with my mom to the city. I never once heard my mom and dad having sex, I’m sure they did, but they must not have done it much or they were real quiet. My mom has a boyfriend now and I was awakened by what I thought at first was someone moaning in pain. I then quickly realized it was my mom moaning while having sex with her boyfriend. Hearing something I’d never heard before and still being a virgin, I eagerly listened.

As hearing my mom and her boyfriend having sex whenever he stayed over, I started to get a little annoyed, but I also became aroused. I found myself masturbating, but not just due to the sex going on in the next room, but because my mom sounded so damn sexy moaning. When she would have her orgasms she got really loud and vocal. I’ve always known my mom was attractive, but I suddenly started thinking of her in a different way. I felt guilty about jacking off listening to her and her boyfriend having sex, but I also was feeling something else. My mom’s boyfriend never had much to do with me, and I started realizing I wasn’t wild about him having sex with my mom.

I came to realize that I actually was jealous of my mom’s boyfriend because he makes her moan loud during sex. It made me uncomfortable around my mom, which she noticed because we get along so well and always are joking around. I didn’t know what to say, but I knew I had to say something. Finally I just told her that I have heard her having sex, honestly it would be impossible not to hear her, and that I didn’t really like hearing it. As my mom sat there I couldn’t tell if she was pissed off, or just how to tell me what a pervert I am. My mom looked at me with just kind of a straight face, and told me that I was just jealous. Then she asked me if I wanted to sleep with her? I was surprised by what she said, but I played along expecting only to be sleeping in the same bed with her.

I sleep in just my boxers and my mom only wears a nightgown and panties. I got under the covers and turned on the TV not knowing what to expect. This could even end up being some kind of trick to teach me some kind of a lesson. My mom came into the room a short time later wearing a thin nightgown, I knew she didn’t wear a bra to bed, and I could almost see her breasts through her nightgown, I could even make out the silhouette of her areolas and noticed her nipples were hard, in turn I was getting hard myself. She told me to turn off the TV because she wanted to get to sleep, which made me a little nervous. I was trying to just relax and go to sleep when I felt my mom’s hand on my still semi-erection through my boxers. She started kind of squeezing it a little and kept her hand around my quickly growing erection. Within seconds I was completely hard. My mom took my hand putting it on her breast and told me to feel her breast. I started cupping it in my hand, feeling how round and firm it was and hard her nipple excited me tremendously. Mom pulled my dick out of my boxers and started stroking it. Then she turned toward me and kissed me, but our lips didn’t part, instead I felt her tongue parting my lips and entering my mouth. We were both breathing hard when my mom broke our kiss, pulled off her nightgown, then my boxers and put a leg of hers on both sides of me. Looking down I realized my mom wasn’t wearing any panties as she grabbed my dick and positioned her pussy above it. She told me it was time for me to lose my virginity, and lowered herself down slowly taking my cock inside her until she was sitting on my lap. I felt like bells and whistles where going off in my head as I felt the incredible sensation of being inside my mom’s pussy. Then she started moving up and down my pole and told me to squeeze her tits and play with her nipples. We were both breathing hard, my mom was moaning just like I’d heard her with her boyfriend which really excited me. She rode my pole and quickly was having a loud orgasm, which was good because I was bucking up into her pussy ready to cum myself. I started pumping streams of my cum into my mom. My legs were shaking and my cock was throbbing as I continued shooting sperm into her pussy. Even after my last spurt and my mom stopped, my cock kept throbbing for like five minutes as my mom rested on my pelvis as I remained inside her.

We ended up thoroughly enjoying each others bodies last night repeatedly. My mom was gone when I got up, but her boyfriends out of town this weekend, so I’m so hoping for another night like last night. She’ll be home soon so I will know shortly. I feel guilty because she is my mom, but at the same time I am so horny I can barely take it. I’ve already emptied my balls twice today. Think badly of me if you want, but I’m hoping for some pussy again tonight!!

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  • too long; didn’t read.

    Anonymous February 10, 2019 4:12 am Reply
  • I think I masturbate 3 times at this.

    Anonymous February 10, 2019 12:22 pm Reply
  • Post this shit on Literotica, stop wasting electrons here.

    Anonymous February 10, 2019 7:09 pm Reply
    • Eat shit and die.

      Anonymous February 10, 2019 11:05 pm Reply

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