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I’ve been with My fiancee for almost 8 years. He’s great, good in bed, makes good money, kind, loving, all that, but he has no idea that I’m a complete emotional and sexual deviant, and it’s getting harder and harder to hide.

I have a friend we’ll call A. He’s sick in all the same ways I am. Loves to talk about the darkest, most fucked up fantasies. He gets me going so bad. We have been talking for a very, very long time but break every now and then, and then always go back to one another. We had a hot session the other day which resulted in him ejaculating.

I have another friend who we will call B. He’s a local celebrity who is well known. We have had multiple exchanges of nudes, talks of him gaping my ass and pussy, and he loves to get off to pictures of my tits. He sends me video of himself ejaculating for me. He’s gorgeous, and will basically do anything for a peek at my tits.

I love my boyfriend, but I need these other men as well. In fact, it feels like I need them more lately, and I don’t know why. They both have girlfriends, so everything is real hushhush, and I wish I had someone full time like these two men.

Not even sure what I want from this.

Just to say it somewhere, I guess.

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  • You say you “love” him. You have no idea what love is. You are living a lie. Give me a break. You want to live in the closet, fine, but get honest with yourself.

    Anonymous January 11, 2019 4:18 pm Reply

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