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I am genuinely happy that I have been a committed regular smoker since 1999. I’ve smoked two and a half to three packs a day for twenty years and I never ever want to quit!!! I love cigarettes and everything about them. While Intried my first cigarette in 1991 in middle school, and again in 1993 and 1994, it wasn’t until my junior year of high school in 1996 that I finally got my own pack. Then in 1997, I started picking up my own packs of cigarettes more often, even though I was only 17.

I’d smoke a few cigarettes before school and then after school and I loved it. My freshman year of college in 1998, Instarted buying my own packs of cigarettes. I was still mostly a social smoker or sometimes a secretive smoker. Dating a smoker helped get me going.

I love that I actively tried to make myself smoke more cigarettes in 1999. I love that I’d make myself smoke a cigarette both before and after ever class and every morning when I’d wake up and every time I got in a car or out of a car or every time I waited on a bus or got off a bus or everytimr I walked tonclass, I made myself smoke another cigarette. I’d make myself smoke one and then two both before after every meal and then I got to where I wanted to keep smoking during meals.

I love that I committed in 1999, at the age of 19, to becoming a heavy smoker for the rest of my life. I love that I can’t even go thirty mi it’s without a cigarette. If I’m honest it’s closer to 15.

I hate that modern western society penalizes cigarette smokers so much. Like we are low class. I hate it.

I love that I have found a way to work from home mostly, or from my car, so I can smoke as much as I want all day long.

I hope all you other smokers out there like me can take hope that there are at least some of us out here keeping the faith.

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  • I bet your mouth smells wonderful.

    Anonymous January 8, 2019 10:41 pm Reply
  • Well, we won’t have to worry about you in, like what, 10 years?

    Anonymous January 9, 2019 4:00 am Reply
    • I’m only 39!!

      Most of my friends moms or dads who smoked and died from lung cancer made it to around 57 or 58, one of them 59
      Only a few died before 55 from lung cancer

      My mom was 53

      I literally can only think of three of my family Members who smoked died from lung cancer before age 55

      Anonymous January 9, 2019 12:46 pm Reply
  • Smoking ruined my life. My parents r divorced bc of it and my dad went to rehab. He just got out last year and wants to move closer to me and by brother so that he can spend just a few more hours with us on weekends. He has no job and three animals to feed. Think what u want with smoking. But my opinion is that it ruins lives.

    Anonymous January 10, 2019 2:48 pm Reply
  • Quit before u can’t

    Anonymous January 10, 2019 2:48 pm Reply
    • I can’t quit. I love smoking too much!!!!

      I literally cannot go half an hour without badly needing a cigarette

      Anonymous January 11, 2019 4:38 pm Reply

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