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Lately I keep praying my fiance dying from something (accident etc). The reasons are, I’m not ready to get married yet and I still want to enjoy random relationship. But I cannot say it straight to his face!

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  • What’s worse: going through with the wedding and regretting every step of it, or end the engagement now?

    Just end your engagement and your relationship. It will be embarrassing for both of you and your families, but you are going to make it SO MUCH WORSE by dragging it out. I can’t really tell why you’re so restless in this serious, committed relationship, but you owe it to him to end this so he can find someone who wants to be with him. Yes, you’ll have to feel like the bad guy for a while, but that’s better than BEING the bad guy in a relationship you don’t really want.

    Anonymous December 6, 2018 3:52 pm Reply

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