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Okay, I’ve got some time on my hands to talk about some more of it Anyway, Me and billy used to take the teachers phone and put it in that black girls messenger bag. Then when the teacher couldn’t find it we’d suggest she check bags. when she’d find it she’d get in trouble for it, I didn’t really have a good reason to hate black women looking back on it. Because I had never met or seen one in real life before. Anyway a black guy joined our school not long after her, and he was popular, and me and him even became friends. yea, i was cool with em but i just disliked her. Me and billy also were in the same class. Josh and Adam were in two different classes from us. Adams the one that liked her, Though I also think billy did too. when the teacher asked us to get in groups she’s never group with anyone, So we’d volunteer to get in a group with her. She stayed at the back of the class alone at a table by her self. She was like the only one in the class sitting by herself too. So we’d sit by her, and billy would be playing with her pussy under the table. She’d sit in the middle and we both sat on each side of her, She’d lay her head on the table, with her arms covering her face while he did it. I didn’t really care for all the sexual aspects like those two did neither did josh. He would keep doing, forcing her to cum, she was quiet for the most part..except for one time he did it and she let out a moan but the room was pretty noisy and no one turned around i had gotten pretty scared when I heard it. she wore a lot of skirts too so it was easy to access. He’d grab one leg on the side of her and I’d grab the other to stop her from closing them so much. After that one time she moaned, we followed her home and I slapped her around again yelling at her telling her not to do that or we could get in trouble. Me and my friends weren’t friends much longer after we raped her, Even after me and josh stopped walking home, billy and adam would still go. I don’t really know the extent they went or much of the things they did to her. But after billy stopped going too adam kept on. Most likely because he liked her, but it’s obvious that a girl you raped is probably not going to like you back. Adam and billy were getting into arguments and physical fights not long after that and they stopped talking to each other completely. Later on I’ll talk about more but I need to rest now.

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