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I can’t stop myself from jacking off at least 5 times everyday. I think it’s going to ruin my life. I get less than 6 hours of sleep a day and dirty thoughts are in my mind all the time, so I can’t focus on school. What should I do…

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  • it could ruin your life.
    it almost ruined mine, brought it down to twice a day, every other day. really.
    this is what i did.
    smoke a joint. very important.
    then after a few minutes, think about it like this…
    if you jerk off all the time, it means your own dick is the only thing that pleases your hornyness, its kinda weird man. ideally, someone you gots the hots for should be the one pleasing you. so get yourself a mate that will squeeze you, if you are with someone, and still pump that much a day, that really fucking weird.
    then whisper-yell “STOP JERKING OFF (your name)!”
    it could take weeks or even years to slow down

    Anonymous December 6, 2018 3:39 am Reply

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