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My mother was found dead on her living room floor 7 days ago today. For the first three days I was overwhelmed with grief, but after going through her things with my brothers and having the memorial yesterday, I feel unimaginable freedom. I also found out she left me $40,000 I didn’t know she had. I’m on food stamps even though I work full time and the last few years have been really, really rough, so this is really unbelievable. Thanks, Mom. I’ll see you soon. But not too soon! 🙂 Tell your mom you love her, everyone.

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  • Condolences to you. Loss is always hard. A lot of people feel guilty for feeling “relieved” but this is also normal. I’m glad she could still help you after she passed. Keep her memory alive by using the money to better your life and/or those of others.

    Anonymous September 16, 2018 5:38 am Reply

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