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I had sex with 2 women in Las Vegas hotel rooms, and another 2 women in hotel rooms in Santa Rosa. I lied to my wife about my infidelity. I am totally ashamed of what I did. If she found out she would have divorced me to start and it would have destroyed her life and the lifes of our 3 children. What I did was wrong and all the other occasions I regret what I did. I was irresponsible, selfish, and full of sin right to the core. I also did sexual stuff that is unmentionable in print with women not of my race on several occasions, I reached the bottom of lascivity, the lowest possible moral depravity possible with women. As it is the money and time I squandered caused us to suffer. This also led me to an addition to pornography and I spend hundreds of dollars and hundreds of hours buying and watching it. It destroyed me morally and had a bad affect with the relationship with my wife and others. It was never normal. I have done my best to put it all behind me. I hope God will accept my confession and restore my soul and my marriage and relationships. Please God accept my confession and restore my soul. I have not done any of this for several years now and matters have improved, but I still carry the weight of sin on my shoulders and a day does not pass that I do not recollect something bad I did. Please help me God and do not let anyone discover my past, my sin of bearing false witness to protect myself for the lies I said and things I did so shameful, and there is no way under heaven that I can rectify or fix any of it. I am so sorry for what I did God, and help me to live a proper Christian life. Amen. Thank you God.

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  • We all make mistakes, but what you need to do is keep going, you still have your wife and your 3 kids that need a father, no matter what don’t let that affect this wonderful family of yours, you still have everything intact so don’t mess this up now.

    The more guilt you feel the greater of a men you are now just don’t mess this up again, and remember that it’s never too late.

    Anonymous September 14, 2018 11:12 pm Reply
  • Also you need to accept that what you’ve done is wrong and there’s no going back now but you can’t let that weight pull you all the way down the river.

    Anonymous September 14, 2018 11:17 pm Reply

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