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My oldest sister Amanda and her new husband live with my parents, sister Annie and me. My sister is 20 and her husband Pat is 22. They got married last May and they both sleep naked all the time. I know because I peek in at them sometimes. Pat works crazy shifts a lot and sleeps late in the mornings. When he does I always open the door enough to look at him naked after my mom, dad and Annie go to work. I always thought he was sound asleep and let my friend Angie see him a lot of times. At first I didn’t think to much about it but he would get an erection when I was looking at him. That’s when Angie told me he’s probably awake. Now I suspect he knows I peek in at him because he even touches himself sometimes when he gets a hard on. He don’t ever jerk off but he does play with his penis. I never saw him open his eyes but Angie insists he has to be awake and even knows we have been looking at him. He hasn’t said anything and I doubt he tells Amanda about it cause she would kill me.

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