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I just got out of prison. I don’t know what to do with my life…everyone treats me mean when they learn of my situation. I have been rejected by my family. When I sought medical treatment for anal wounds from being raped in jail, my doctor said I deserved it. Did I really deserve to be abused? How can I rebuild my life when no one will give me a chance?

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  • What did you do?

    Anonymous July 14, 2018 12:32 am Reply
    • I fondled my little sister’s friend and performed oral sex on her. She was 9 and I was 19. I’m 23 now.

      Anonymous July 14, 2018 12:36 am Reply
      • Different person but, do you regret doing it?

        Anonymous July 14, 2018 12:39 am Reply
        • Yes. With all my heart. One day, when she is older, I would love to apologize to her in person. I hope this won’t cause her much trauma.

          Anonymous July 14, 2018 12:41 am Reply
          • Bull shit, no contact order is forever!

            Anonymous July 14, 2018 5:22 pm
      • Honestly most people will say kill yourself but I’m not going to, as long as you regret doing it you should at least have a chance to redeem yourself.

        Anonymous July 14, 2018 12:40 am Reply
        • Yeah I agree if he regrets it and has been punished I dont see any reason on why people would act like that towards him o-o.

          Anonymous July 16, 2018 1:58 pm Reply
  • You got 3 yrs prison? Bull shit! This is fake as fuck.
    Where? What do you call jail… In prison? What does cc stand for pretaining to status. What the most humiliating thing you did first when you entered prison?

    Anonymous July 14, 2018 2:36 am Reply
  • If this is real?? 3yrs… WTF!! What you did to that poor little girl will stay with her for the rest of her life, you deserve everything you got!

    Anonymous July 17, 2018 9:26 pm Reply

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