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My husband and I had to declare bankruptcy several years ago because I spent all our retirement money, spent all credit cards to the max, and spent all my dad’s life insurance money (which was supposed to go to my son). We paid off our Chapter 13 bankruptcy in February 2018. It’s now May, and I have multiple credit cards spent to the limit plus a bunch of payday loans that I don’t know if I can cover with my monthly check. My husband makes a great living, but we live like college students because I spend money as fast as I get it, either to pay loans and credit cards, or I spend it on food and marijuana. I am a very lazy person, the house is always a mess, and my son has to sleep on an air mattress. The only mitigating factor is my son’s tuition and living expenses for college. I watch cartoons all day and vape THC. I eat a terrible diet. My husband has diabetes and I refuse to cook at home, so we eat out, and he can’t stabilize his blood sugar. I could go on and on about my financial sins. I’m hoping to get control of everything in the next six months. I can’t go into bankruptcy again. My husband will divorce me.

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  • If June dumbass this is fake

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