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For the past few weeks Ive been sneaking into my female coworkers change room, lock picking the lockers to take what ever garment I could find, preferably bras or panties, go back into the guys change room and jerk off onto them then stealthy putting them back into their lockers.

I have never felt this kind of a rush.

Its euphoric. I’ve always been a pervert for all the wrong reasons, but never acted on any of the impulses.

I feel so alive though, like, never have I ever felt this way before.

I’m just afraid in an exciting way that this will lead me to act out my most heinous fantasies, kidnapping, torture, but the ultimate; rape. Nothing gets me off more than completely dominating a girl. Defenseless, an act so malevolent that it destroys that individual. Their very self crumbles, to the point where they can’t stand to look at themselves, to live, conceited by irreversible damage. Imagine how that would feel, something I’ve been brooding over and over in the demented recesses of my depraved mind.

Fuck you dad, you worthless pile of shit. Brutalizing my mother and brother for all thoes years, tying me down and sticking your disgusting cock where ever it could fit.

where ever you, know that you made a monster

if you hear on the news one day that a man has been caught, charged with the worst kind a thing any man could commit and see its your own fucking son

I’ll be smiling

and then will you understand the hell you made all of us endure

the pain and destruction

all of it

is on you.

Look what you’ve made me become, this anger, you

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  • Good work!

    Anonymous June 14, 2018 5:54 am Reply
  • If you kidnap, torture and rape a girl. That shits on you. Daddy can’t take responsibility for that one. You did that. Because you wanted to. So if you want to be a monster— at least take responsibility for your fucking actions. All that crap is just bullshit for you not wanting to take accountability for yourself.


    The pain the destruction

    All of it

    Is on you.

    Anonymous June 14, 2018 7:43 am Reply
    • i agree, your father created you, you however created a monster

      Anonymous June 15, 2018 12:17 am Reply

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