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me and my friends make fun of (what i think is) a severely autistic girl who sits at our table. she started sitting there about a month ago because some kid took her seat and so we offered for her to sit with us for the day. she never left.

she started to snap at us when we laughed, asked for our food, and would mumble and talk to herself. we wanted her gone and suggested she go sit with her friends again, but she wouldnt. we offered to pay someone to take her. they wouldnt.

so now we just talk about her right in front of her face and she doesnt even notice. we mock what she says and how she says it. i know im going to hell for laughing at the jokes but it’s funny. if she left we wouldnt bother her. thank god the school year is almost over.

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  • Please don’t be mean to anyone. Build character and stand up when you see somebody being mean. We are all human. ❤

    Anonymous June 13, 2018 11:03 pm Reply
  • Yeah I can relate. We have high functioning autistic kids at our school. They make these noises like nnNNnNNN EEEEE duhhh and I just want to laugh!

    Anonymous December 6, 2018 4:26 pm Reply

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