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I never wanted a child really at all. I now have a healthy smart intelligent 9 year old. I am so happy to have him and I love him to death and would fuck someone up if they ever hurt him. The thing is, I hate kids. I really do NOT like kids. Only my child and like 2 of his good friends (friends are chill and mellow children). i have lied to my best friend of 22 years for the past several years about liking her kid.
I’m not mean to him or anything or any other kids, but oh my God. Her child is so annoying and mouthy. I’ve been canceling plans with her since November , all because I don’t want to be around her kid. He’s an asshole. Straight up. She thinks I’m mad at her when really it’s just because I don’t like her…ugh. never gonna admit to it. I prefer hanging out with friends that etiher don’t have kids, or if children are older.

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  • I hate kids most of the time too, but just try to remember that they are just kids. They don’t know any better (or they’re little assholes because of shitty parenting) but that’s not their fault. You were a kid once too and I’m sure you were just as annoying, I know I was. They are still young an impressionable so don’t be too harsh on them

    Anonymous May 23, 2018 6:17 am Reply

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