• 6 days ago

when I was 8-9 I used to love sitting on my dads knee with no panties on and twitch and move and he would light bounce his knee while I would hang on to his big strong hairy arms. at 10 I was getting sopping wet doing it and he would be rock hard, he would put his finger in me and then smell it and kiss me on my neck and it drove me insane, I knew this wasn’t good but I couldn’t resit him. Outside one summer night he was doing this after everyone went in and I made the bold move to face him and move around all over his stiff and very big hard on and he started kissing me really hard I pulled his cock out through his fly and rubbed my sopping pussy up and down until he came and felt like I was in love with him madly in love with my dad?!?! it got to the point that he would now just pull it out and he would want serviced, by the time I was 11 he took my virginity and it was incredible, I do not regret it! I loved it and him. He divorced my mother and I had him every day non stop for years and no one ever found out and no one ever will. I was his little slut and still am.