• 2 weeks ago

S.G.C, I can’t keep this vivid emotion in me any longer. The way your eyes seek warmth in mine, the way those stares seem like lasers in my heart, I try pretending I don’t notice what you do. The problem is, I acknowledge everything. Sometimes, I think I’m crazy because of your piercing and continuous stares. You made a woman feel what true love is. My friends deny it, my family denies it, my religion denies it, but I don’t. I see faith in you when you give up. I hate seeing you avoid ping pong, I know you enjoy playing it. Whenever you come too close to me, I have a gay panic, so I try moving away. You’re so magical, I can’t see you loving me. We might’ve had a history of being enemies, but clearly you’re seeking more than that. At least, I am. This might sound cringe, but I actually like you. You’re the only one. Don’t worry, you can make fun of me for eternity or anything for that fact, except I will still love your perfume. Yes, you always spray it. It is flower scented, sweet, but sharp all at once. Can’t you tell me what you’re hiding deep down? Why do you act so weird around me? If this is all a joke, may this joke be the best joke of my life. Remember when you randomly rubbed my arm? Remember when you stole my ruler, and I forced you to say thank you? Remember when I heavily breathed in your mic? Remember when I couldn’t answer the question, “How do you confess to someone?” Remember how your eyes have different meanings, and I knew all of them? Remember the day you and me almost sat with each other? Remember when you almost hit me in the face in badminton several times? Remember when you kept on hitting my breast? It’s all magic to me. You are existing. So please, let me live in a world where we’re together. As long as you’re happy, I’m happy. I’ll fall for you any day. Trust me. You will never fail to make me die with your smile.