• 2 weeks ago

During the summer of my fifteenth birthday a family moved in next door. They had a son about my age, Alan. He was a sports kid, it was written all over him. I was the opposite, a stay at home boy and I liked to read. We didn’t get along. One day he suggested we get on the roof of his house. We climbed out the window of his room, onto a ledge and he pulled me up onto the roof. He had two towels up there and told me we would lay out and get some sun, naked. Getting naked in front of him was very anxious, I felt my dick was so small. He was already bigger, and had a lots of pubic hair. In a minute he was leaning over me sucking my dick. He kept asking me if I liked it. I did. Then he put his dick against my mouth and I opened my mouth for him. I liked that too. Up there on the roof, laying on my stomach he got on my back and humped me gaining penetration and finishing completely in me. I had also reached climax, into the towel. We laid there, on our backs, saying nothing.

The next day I had a terrible sunburn on my penis, and my never exposed to the sun area, usually covered by shorts and bathing suits. My mother rubbed Nivea cream on me, and all over my dick. Poor baby, that’s what she said, that ought to teach you not to sunbathe naked.