• 1 month ago

Well your getting better Crowley i must admit,

When we went to watch guardians of the galaxy vol 3 it wasn’t the right mood to do too much even when i knew you had a bedtime afterward 😉 i was even wearing the most revealing outfit to try and make things easier for you hold my breast or play with me through my panties. you didn’t but you made it up in the car afterward. denying my of my orgasm multiple times, was amazing! the final position where you had me over the back seat of the car and thrusted so fast and i almost hit my head on the door….then you stopped one thrust away from having me cum all over the seat Aahhh. i dont care if you say the reason you kept stopping was because i looked like i was about to pass out, if i orgasm to so hard i pass out that means youve done a good job, your the only one whos ever made me feel like passing out as i climax so you should tease me more! fuck me so hard that less oxygen reaches my brain but i feel pleasure through my entire body.