• 1 week ago

Fuck, that shit stain of a bank I was talking about, I had a car loan from (not my choice) from 2013 – this past year, paid off the car, never missed a single payment, sent me a pre authorized $3000 credit card offer last year near the end of my car payments, 19% interest with an offer of 0% interest on balance transfers for 7 or 9 months, I forget what it was, I accepted the card with the intention of transfering over the high interest card I had to pay it off. Plus again, the ratio.

I got the card, I do not have a bank account here, but I got the card, activated it, tried to do the transfer within a week, the flagged me as a fraud. It literally said FRAUD in my online account. It said I needed to go into a local branch with all kinds of ID to confirm my identy, which I did. I went in there and had the teller looking at my like I was fraud. Ugly look on her face, treating me like shit, until she realized maybe I was telling the truth. Mind you, some of my info did change since my car loan.

The bank manager, a nice lady takes me into her office, and herself confirms who I am. I told her what I wanted to do, It’s only $3000, you can see I had a car loan here, never missed a payment. It’s literally the only reason I accepted this card was for that offer. This is the branch manager. She believes me, tries to fix up this transfer. It was the “big offer” with this card. She is having trouble, but tells me she will take care of it, my card is active, I will see Pl my infor online including the car loan, have a nice day.

Turns out, it wasn’t going through. She couldn’t make it work. Couldn’t get the transfer to happen. She called me 2 or 3 times. Told me I needed to call the main branch. I finally said to her knowing it was being recorded “you know what, you are awesome, I have no problem with you, I appreciate everything you have done, you are more than helpful, I am just gonna forget about it, keep the card and the credit, and I’ll just pay off the other credit card the usual way. Thanks. She checked up numerous times. It left a bad taste in my mouth. Fuck them.

Then, the were sending me constant offers in the mail for pre approved $10,000 personal loans, and $3000 lower rate interest cards. Finally, I bit on the card. I accepted another card. THEY DIDNT SEND THE CARD, they sent me another offer for 0% balance transfers for 7 or 9 months on my current card…. I said fuck you guys. Eat my balls.

Paid off the card I wanted to the hard way. This bank sucked. At first I was getting paper balances mailed to me. I was floored, it was the only bank I have ever seen to mail a statement with the entire card number listed at the top. Not just the last 4 numbers, the entire card number. Retards. When I need another car loan, I’ll go it on my own. They suck ass. I really hate that bank. That’s the worst customer service I have ever seen from a bank.

Which kind of mabe that $4200 credit increase some good vindication. Lower rate card from a better bank.