• 12 months ago

I make my boyfriend wear a tampon up his anal opening to remind him that I’m the boss. It teaches him about the inconveniences of being a woman. I also make him sit to pee. I don’t allow him to have male privilege.

The only way to have harmony in a relationship is to control and dominate the male. All males need to be feminized so they can better understand women. I make him wear a rubber for sex. If he’s a good boy I let him kneel before me and I stroke his shaft with my toe. He shudders and shakes and I tell him that if he makes a mess that he’ll be punished.

He groans and shoots that glob of stuff all over. It’s so disgusting. It gets on my foot, and the carpet and the furniture. So you can see why I insist that he wear a rubber for intercourse. I don’t want that stuff sprayed all over inside me.

He begs to do it without the rubber, but I always make him put it on. Maybe I’ll make him watch while another guy has sex with me with no rubber at all. He can watch what he can’t have. He watch the intruder’s sperm flow out of me. He’ll beg for sex without his rubber and I’ll say ‘no rubber, no sex’.