• 4 days ago

The nurse put tape on my eyes to keep my eyes closed so I could not see who came into my room to gawk or touch me.

Nurses have a lot of control. So does anyone who is a “care giver”. Not much you can do since the nurses on the floor will typically stick together. The ones who took pics aren’t in any danger because you can’t identify them. That was the whole point of putting tape over your eyes. Even if the nurse confirmed using tape, she would just say that it was for “medical” purposes like to keep your eyes from drying out.

You are in the awkward position of NOT knowing who gawked, poked, prodded, examined or photographed you. When you go out in public you always wonder how many of the people around you have seen the photographs. Is that why people are glancing over and looking at you? Have they seen the photos? Was one of them in the room examining you? Was it one who touched you, who poked and prodded? Do they have photos? It’s humiliating.
But that’s what the nurse intended.