• 1 week ago

i met this guy from my school 3 months ago. he’s like the school fuck boy. he has done something sexual with almost every girl he knows. but he’s a gentleman. he never talked ill of any girl or never looked at a girl in any wrong way. he’s sweet and well mannered and even shy. we have been flirting for about 2 months now. i even have sent him a lot of nudes and sexy videos. it is the first time i did any of this.
after sexting and flirting for a while today we finally went on a date. it was a really good one. i felt loved and cared for. no ever has made me feel like that before. we even kissed. it was my first kiss and i had no idea what to do. but he took the lead and i just went with the flow. he went straight for a tongue kiss. both of us enjoyed the kiss. he told me that he thought since it was my first kiss it won’t be that good. but after kissing me he realized that i was natural at kissing and it was the best kiss he had till now.