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My dad caught me watching porn when I was 10 and he showed me some of his collection. There was some vids of guys doing stuff together and he asked if I wanted him to show me some stuff like they did in the videos. He put some lube on his finger and worked it in my ass and then he stuck another in after a while. He did this until he had three fingers inside of me with no problem. When he got me loose enough he put lube on his wiener and then he put it inside of me. He played with my wiener as he pushed his inside of me. After slowly working his wiener inside of me he said that he was going to go faster and he held my little body with one arm that fit around my whole body from my head on his elbow, and his arm that reached all the way down to my wiener. He was so much bigger than me and he easily overpowered me in every way with just one arm. He pushed his wiener deeper and deeper until he was almost all the way inside of my tiny body. He went faster and faster until I felt him explode inside of my tiny ass that had wrapped around his wiener so tightly. After a few times of doing this he said it was best to stop before we got caught. But he went to sleep one night and I wanted to play so I crawled in his bed and he was already sleeping naked. He had drink some so he was out good. I put line on his wiener and I played with it until he was fully hard and I stuck his wiener inside of me sitting on top of his gigantic body beneath me. I weighed nothing compared to him then, and I rode his wiener until he came inside of me. I remember him moaning in his sleep and the next day he acted like nothing happened so I was in the clear. After that I knew when he drank I could ride his wiener when he was sleeping since he wouldn’t do it anymore, and I would do it with my brothers in the next room. They never thought anything of it but one night my cousin stayed over and he asked me if I was gay and I didn’t know what that really meant so I said no. He asked me a couple of questions about my wiener and I got stiff down there. When he asked to see it I told him he had to show me his too. So we pulled our wieners out and his was bigger with him being 16 or so and I was around 11-12. He fell asleep and my dad had locked his door so I crawled close to my cousin and I played with his wiener while he slept. Then I put some lube on his wiener when it got hard and I pushed back onto his wiener until it was all the way inside of my tiny body. He wasn’t as big as my dad, but it still felt amazing. He woke up and he kept pushing in and out of me until he came inside of me and then he told me not to tell any one. I told him to start coming over more and I would let him put his wiener inside of me and he would take me to the barn and fuck me where no one could hear us. And then it got to where he liked fucking me when we would almost be caught by our family and he would stick his wiener inside of me right next to my sleeping brothers. One time when they were gaming, he got behind me and wrestled me for a bit and then my brothers were so focused on the PlayStation that he fucked me right there not even 5 feet away from them. He came inside of me every time too. And then one time my brother caught us and I told him not to tell anyone and my cousin said that he should try it. My brother was about 14-15 when I was 11-12 and he started to fuck me. So then they would take turns fucking me and cumming inside of me and their cum was like gold to me. After a few years my brother wanted to stop because he got his gf pregnant, and for a while we did but when she wouldn’t let him fuck anymore he would invite me over to come stay the weekend. We would fuck so many times and he would cum in me so much I felt like a balloon full of cum when I left. He told me he was going to keep using me until she had the baby, but even after she had the baby he still comes over just to fuck me and then goes home to her.