• 2 months ago

I was over at a friend and me, my friend and his sister were playing Mario party and drinking. She works at a donut shop so she also brought a big box of donuts. A few hours into the night and we all were pretty drunk. All of a sudden she suggests we make Mario party a bit more interesting and says that whoever loses must eat as many donuts as the winner got stars. As I said we were pretty drunk so we didn’t think much of it so me and my friend agreed.

Now a few rounds in and we get to a round were my friend is winning with quite a large amount of stars. At this point in the game his sister is last and it looks like she has to eat a large amount of donuts. But then, at the end of the game, the bonuses come and she just passes me so I lose. After that round the drinks start to get a bit low and my friend decided to go to the shop to get some more as it is not too late an the shop is quite close.

When he left his sister turned to me with this grin and asked when I was gonna eat the donuts. Now my friend won with a large amount of stars (can’t quite remember how much) and I was already feeling a bit full from the rounds before and the drinks so I wasn’t thrilled. She picked up the box and came to sit next to me and started to feed me a donut. Now, I have always had a crush on this girl so I was stupid enough to let her feed me. This went on for a bit until I started to get really full and my pants were digging into my belly ( I am usually quite skinny but I have eaten a lot at this point, plus drinks, so my stomach has become quite round). At this point she is still feeding me and has started to rub my belly. I am so full and, I shameful admit, horny that I let her continue to stuff the donuts in me.

After a while the box was empty and I think she has made me eat even more then what the original goal was. I was REALY stuffed and my belly was so swollen that I couldn’t stand up and my shirt had begun to ride up. Of course my pants had also been unbuttoned long ago. This is when my friends sister began to roll up my shirt all the way an start kissing my belly. I am too stuffed and horny to do anything or even want to do anything about it. She keeps kissing my belly and saying things like that I look so sexy being round and my clothes not fitting and that she hopes she stuffed me so good that I gain weight. Then she starts to take off my pants and gives me a BJ. While giving me the BJ she keeps telling me how good I look right now and how sexy I would be with a fatter stomach, bigger ass and moobs.

When I finish she kisses me and sits back at her seat and I am just left behind severely stuffed and drained. I am very torn about my feelings about this whole experience and my friends sister.