• 1 year ago

my dad the raging alcoholic came home and my mom wouldn’t let him fuck so he told her he was going to use her or me. She said he wouldn’t dare and he told her he was going to make her watch and he tied her to a chair and taped her mouth and woke me up and put me on the couch in front of my mom. My dad took my clothes off and told me that he was going to fuck me since my mom wouldn’t let him fuck her anymore. “Lay down boy.” And he pushed me on the couch and he started playing with my dick. He sucked me until I came in his mouth and then he told me to flip over and put my ass in the air for him. “I’m going to stick my dick inside of you and show her who’s the fucking boss, son.” He hit me when I didn’t turn over and he flipped me on my tummy and he spit on my butthole. Then he gripped the couch with one hand and gripped my hair with his other and then he shoved his fully hard dick inside of my ten year old butt. He shoved it in so hard I felt my butthole tear. His dick was massive to me at that time and it hurt so bad I couldn’t move or scream. I felt sick as he molested me right in front of my mom and she couldn’t help because she was tied up. She watched as my dad raped me and came inside of me multiple times before he shoved his dick in my mouth and it was covered in blood and cum from my butt. He fucked my throat until I passed out from lack of air and I woke up choking and all I could taste was cum in my throat and my mom was untied and giving me cpr. My dad has been using me to cum ever since if my mom won’t let him.

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