• 1 month ago

I am late 40s with a young adopted teen son.For years i have let him watch me discreetly wash at sink.Being a spinster 5ft with a nice full body it has given me urges especially knowing he masturbates a lot.While washing 4 wks ago i asked him if he would like to come down and massage my shoulders.I was only wearing my corset so he saw most of me and i could see he was erect,i told him it was nice & normal and he needed to learn things.I suggested he strip off and be comfortable with nudity so he did gingerly.I complimented him on his body to relax him but he was big even only 15.I unfastened my corset so now we were both naked.I moved closer to him and we hugged and fondled each other.I then started to wank him and show him how to finger me.He was feeling my bottom when suddenly he ejaculated everywhere and i even had an orgasm.We have been doing this 5 times a week now.Last week every day he came home from school we stripped off and masturbated each other as usual.Very soon i will let him fuck me with no protection in bed as i am gagging for his cock.