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I’d torn my sister’s hymen with my fingers, but her vagina still resisted my penis. “Please Baby!” Suzie begged as I pushed hard, then relaxed . . . several times. She screamed in surprise and pain as I stabbed forward shredding her barrier and slamming my full length into her snatch. “Oh God!” she gasped. I held still, feeling my cock deep inside her. She was hot . . . wet . . . slick . . . tight . . . wonderful!” I bent forward to kiss her tenderly. “Are you all right?” I asked. “You’re inside me!” Suzie’s voice was dreamy. “Your big hard cock is inside my pussy! You took my cherry! . . . Made me a woman! . . . Your woman!” She admitted that it hurt a little. “But I don’t care. You’re inside me and I’m ready for you to fuck me!” Suzie rolled her hips, making me move inside her. “Oh, that’s good!” she sighed. “Your big hard cock in my snatch! Oh fuck!” Suzie worked her pelvis, starting slowly but gradually gaining speed. Kneeling between Suzie’s raised knees, I watched my dick sliding in and out of her pussy. The shaft was red for the first few thrusts, then her flowing juices washed the blood away. “Oh God, Paul!” she gasped. “You’re fucking me! It’s so good! Your hard cock fucking my tight cunt!” Suzie’s school tie, with its pattern of tiny red and white crosses on a blue-black background, was lying between her beautiful, very firm little breasts. She kneaded her tits and pinched her hard nipples as I drove into her. “Make it squirt for me!” Suzie cried, twisting under me and pulling my body down on hers. She lifted her legs and locked them around my back. “Fuck me hard and shoot deep in my snatch!” Her breasts were flattened against my chest and her school tie rubbed my skin. Jesus was glaring jealously from his picture the wall. “God, Suzie!” I gasped. “I’m real close!” I started fucking her harder and faster. “Do it, Baby!” she cried, gripping my rod even tighter with her pussy muscles and working her pelvis faster. “You made me cum! Now, I want to feel your stuff shooting up my cunt!” Suzie started screaming as I drove my swollen pecker in and out of her slick tight snatch. “Oh Paul! . . . ” she cried. “Shoot it! . . . Oh fuck! . . . Baby! . . . Oh fuck Baby, I’m cummmmming!!!” I tried to hold back and prolong the sensations, but it was impossible. The thick hot cream exploded from my plunging cock, flooding her convulsing snatch. She screamed and thrashed as I hammered her over and over, shooting a stream with each thrust. Finally exhausted, I lay motionless on top of Suzie, supporting my weight with my elbows and kissing her tenderly. My penis was still deep inside her. “Oh Paul,” Suzie whispered, stroking my hair. “This is so good! I want to keep your cock inside me forever! . . . Thank you for making me a woman! . . . It was even better than I’d imagined!” Looking into my sister’s eyes I smiled saying, “It was wonderful for me, too. Thank you for choosing me. I love you!” We lay there for a long time, gently making love, kissing and fondling each others’ bodies. Suzie finally became uncomfortable with me lying on her, so I moved to my side and took her in my arms. “He’s so pretty,” Suzie whispered, reaching for my penis. “Even soft . . .” She giggled. “But he doesn’t stay soft for long!” “Not around you, Baby!” I growled, pulling her body to mine and kissing her passionately. She rolled onto her back and I climbed between her legs. She was already hot and wet. This time, I slipped inside easily and fucked her to a screaming orgasm. “Wow!” Suzie said. It was much better the second time. We were examining the bloodstained sheets and mattress pad. “You deflowered me in classic style! It’s weird, but I’m glad it happened the way it did.” She kissed me tenderly, trembling with excitement when I brushed my fingers along the backs of her thighs. “Paul, you’ll probably think this is kinky . . .” she began. “All right,” she giggled. “I want pictures! Me . . . naked except for these white stockings and my school tie . . . freshly fucked with my virgin blood on my parents’ sheets!”