• 1 week ago

My son kissed me long and passionately as his tongue caressed mine. His fingers lightly played over the lips of my vagina finally finding their way to my clit that was quickly engorging. I felt my whole body flush as every part of me became an erogenous zone to his touch. He couldn’t get his pants off fast enough for me as the thought that my son was going to be in my pussy, flesh to flesh, careened around in my head. We were both at a fever pitch when his cock was about to enter me. My heart was beating so loud my son probably heard it. I felt his thick head push through the lips of my vagina. And then he was in me; my son was inside of me. How could anything feel this good? It was as if I had been kept from breathing up to that point. I was so wet, his full size went in without hurting. When he was completely inside me, it was like putting in the last piece of a puzzle. I was full and could feel him stretching the walls of my pussy. I savored in the feeling of his steady, deep strokes into me. My pussy held him and massaged him with each thrust he gave me. He was my son and he was loving me. I was his mother, and I was loving him. No, there was nothing wrong about it, I didn’t want him to stop, ever. He kissed me and drove his thick cock in and out of me. When he put his finger on my clit, I moaned loudly. “Being inside your pussy is even better than I thought it would be,” he groaned. I opened my eyes and smiled as I moved against his thrusts. I said, “I love you baby.” I didn’t have to say it; I knew that he could see in my eyes that nobody would ever take care of him like I would.

His big cock massaged my pussy and each stroke brought separate pleasurable sensations. My excitement was heightened because it was my son’s cock that was inside me; sex had never felt better. As he pumped me, I pushed back saying, “Yes,” to each of his thrusts. He reached over taking hold of my tit. It filled his hand as he fondled it and pulled on my nipple. He said he loved my tits. I had always felt they weren’t big enough, so I was glad that they brought him pleasure. I couldn’t wait to finish and at the same time, I hoped it would never end. When his pace increased, it told me he was trying to make me come, I didn’t resist, I let myself go. I opened myself to his loving fucking. The faster he drove into my center, the quicker I approached the edge. One final hard push did it and I said, “Oh baby…baby…baby…” I knew I was about to come. The unsaid part was yes baby, come in my pussy as I come on your cock. My eyes closed tight as the first cord of cum fired from him into me and the next volleys weren’t far behind. My son was coming like it would never end. Finally we slowed and the thought that my son was filling my pussy with his sperm registered. I felt more connected to my son than I had felt to any other man. I was sopping wet, inside and out. I was still having orgasmic spasms until he finished releasing into me. It was almost as if he was reading my mind when we were both done and he said, “We’re together now mom, just you and me.” He held me and I was at peace.